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Nowra Waterdragons was formed in November 2005. Our club members are from a wide variety of backgrounds, ages and fitness levels. We joined together because of our passion for Dragon Boat Racing as well as the enjoyment of each other's company.


Our purpose is training for dragon boat competitions; however the club also has a diverse range of sporting and social activities going on, such as fundraising, promotions, cross-training paddling and, oh yeah coffee!



Our Mission


Nowra Waterdragons value teamwork, passion, achievement and friendship. We aim to continually improve through committed training, to grow our club and to support each other in friendship.



What is Dragon Boating?


Dragon Boating involves 20 paddlers, 2 abreast in a long boat. There is a steerer at the back and a drummer at the front who keeps the paddlers in time, motivating and encouraging the paddlers to pull the boat forward in unison.


Dragon Boating requires precise timing as each paddler strokes the water at the same time to accelerate to top speed from a standing start. Races are between 250m and 1km which requires some endurance, but the races are spectacular with adrenaline charging!


Dragon Boating is, by nature, a very social sport. With the large number of people working together, it develops strength, endurance as well as friendships. 

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